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The Bay Area Storytelling Festival

26 May

I went to my first storytelling festival last weekend at Kennedy Grove Regional Park. It was a good festival to for my first. The Bay Area Storytelling Festival has been going on for 25 years, so they’re well established. They featured a diverse line-up with some heavy-hitters in the storytelling community. My favorite tellers were Diane Ferlatte and Ben Haggarty (from the UK).  Both superb. Willy Claflin and Connie Regan-Blake came in a close second place.

I was especially excited to see Ben because I had wanted to take a class from him while in London. Unfortunately, I was kicked out of the country before I had the chance. On Friday, he did an impressive 2-hour telling of Frankenstein. The talk he gave afterwords was even more exciting, as he laid out his feelings about the craft. I scribbled notes furiously.

The Monday after the festival, I awoke, woozy, a bit story drunk, and with this thought: Yes. I want to be a storyteller.


Words, Words, Words: Good Quotes on…Storytelling

20 May

“Speak as though you are under the power of the ultimate spirit in the universe, the ultimate mind, the ultimate force force…And speak to these people as though they represent the ultimate…We are singing in a chorus of our voices.  So listen with your entire being to these people.”

Brother Blue, Storyteller