If you’re one of those people who was born into this world knowing your life purpose was to be a novelist/songwriter/dog masseuse, then you’re the kind of person that drives. me. crazy.

Wait, come back, I’m sorry! Let’s start off on a better foot. Hi. You have a nice hair cut.

I’ll be honest: I envy you. Because I am most definitely NOT like that. I’m kinda dilettante-y: Not too shabby at a bunch of things, interested in everything.* This is generally a good trait. But it doesn’t help me focus on what I am passionate about.

So, after spending most of my life agonizing over What I Am Meant To Do, I sat down to seriously determine what the heck it was. Then I got up, because that was three years ago and I’m still figuring it out. And my leg was falling asleep.

I started this blog to help me on this path. What I’ve discovered is that I love telling stories. I love words and the games we play with them, whether in novels, poems, monologues, scripts, or on the back of a box of Cheerioes. If I had a mission, it’d be something like, “I want to tell my stories and help others to tell theirs. And stuff.”

This blog is about storytelling, in all its forms. It’s about me exploring stories, figuring out what stories I love best and how best to tell them. And, just as importantly, it’ll detail how I get there.

I’m still not sure whether I’m a screenwriter, solo performer, or poet. Maybe I’m all three. Or maybe I’ll wind up doing shiatsu on Shih Tzus.

Drop me a line if you’re so inclined. Even you, Nice Haircut.



* This is a lie. Here are a few things I don’t find interesting:

  • Differential calculus
  • Technical manuals
  • Pet psychics
  • Acting superior to other people
  • Small dogs wearing sweaters


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