Speaking the Names: My solo show this Monday at the Marsh Theater

9 Jul

I’m excited to announce that my short solo show “Speaking the Names” will be debuting at The Marsh in July, and I’m hoping you can join me at one of the two performances.

The show focuses on how September 11th affected those of us who experienced the tragedy from afar—via TV screens, word of mouth, the internet, etc.—and how we remember what happened.

There are two performances, and I need friendly faces in the audience both nights. I’ll be one of four performers each night.

To RSVP please click the link for the day you wish to attend (below) and add your name and email to the guest list. (Your email will not be shown to anyone else, it’s just so I can send you a reminder or update.)


I’ve had to create two separate invites for the different days. (Kind of annoying, but no event sites seem to offer multiple date options.  That said, if you’ve used Evite, I recommend MyPunchBowl as an alternative. It’s easier to use, more sophisticated, and more comprehensive.)

1st PERFORMANCE / 12 JULY (Monday)


2nd PERFORMANCE / 26 JULY (Monday)

INFO: All tickets are $7, at the door only, 30 minutes before the show. All seating is first-come, first-served.



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