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Words, Words, Words: Good Quotes…On Story

21 Apr

“Ideas are never the problem. [The process is] looking for the stories I want to tell. I know that they’re there and that they are hiding somewhere. And it’s a question of finding out where they are.”

Simon McBurney

McBurney is a director, writer, actor, and founder of my favorite theater company, Complicite. Rather than write shows, they devise them.  One of their most recent shows, “A Disappearing Number” changed my life, artistically and personally. See their shows if you can.


The Academy Award Winning Trailer (and what it says about Story Fatigue)

15 Apr

In his book Story, Robert McKee exhorts his readers to write stories, because the world needs storytelling and there is greater demand than ever before.

For me, McKee’s evangelical fervor vacillates between inspiring and eye-rolling, but I do agree with most of what he is saying here: Human beings need stories–individually and collectively–and due to a growing number of entertainment pathways (as more TV channels means more shows and movies-of-the-week, as the intarwebz finds its place, as the gaming business outstrips them all) there is increased need for storytellers and different types of storytelling.

I suspect there’s a flip side of this for viewers: story fatigue. By way of explanation, check out this hilarious parody trailer for an imaginary Academy Award-winning film.

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The Diaries of King Arthur: Part 3

9 Apr

This is part 3 in a series. If you missed out, start here.

INTRO: King Arthur having a breakdown/mid-life crisis is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a couple of years, and now I want to turn it into a screenplay. I’ve started these diaries as way of finding that story and the screenplay’s comedic voice.

WARNING: I know nothing about King Arthur. Oh, and the following may be EXPLICIT at times.

***The Diaries – Cont’d

15 of March, YooL, 605 AD

Good book,

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