Me vs The Flying Poo Monkeys of Distraction

10 Mar

I’ve got three big story development goals for next Monday. Last Friday, I accomplished one of my intermediary goals: to produce a draft of a 10-minute one-person show. It’s rough and it’s clunky, but seeing as I usually won’t let people see my stuff until its perfect (i.e. never) hitting send with the attachment was a big enough step in its own right. And, heckfire, it was readable, which was the goal: to cut through all the stalling and other mental crap and knock something out I could get into someone’s hands other than my own, and clearly enough written that they could give me feedback.

Me: 1
The flying poo monkeys of distraction: 0

The past two days have not been so productive. I have been working on two freelance projects and have done nothing else. Well, I managed writing practice each day. And I’m glad I at least got to that because it’s kept me (mostly) sane. However, for dos dias running, I’ve gotten no story development work done. With a (self-imposed) 15 March looming like a manic weaver, hulking like an incredibly green and muscled man, and bearing down on me like a grizzly, I’m feeling a wee bit antsy. Or at least, I feel antsy when I’m not busy trying to kick my own ass for failing to stay on track.

Me: 1
Flying poo monkeys of distraction: 2

It’s easy to fall of the wagon at this point. Or to reduce my goals and tell myself I was being unreasonable. The best way I’ve found to move on is to just move on. Fortunately, if my ADDish tendencies allow me anything, they allow me this. In a couple second I’ll be all “Ooh shiny!” and forget about my right foot’s attempt to kick my shapely rear end. Which is good, because otherwise I might strain something. All this sitting in a chair is cramping my quadriceps. Oh, yes, I am feeling —

Ooh, shiny!


2 Responses to “Me vs The Flying Poo Monkeys of Distraction”

  1. suebe March 11, 2010 at 09:37 #

    Now I have something to blame for those days where I accomplish nothing. “I tried to write, but the flying poo monkeys of distraction wouldn’t let me be.”

    ::snicker:: Either that or blame the shiny things here in the office. Oh, look . . .

    It is good to know that I’m not the only one suffering these particular plagues.


  2. cxw March 15, 2010 at 23:20 #

    Thanks for stopping by SueBE!

    Those monkeys: there’s just so many of them. With their stupid flyingness and their distractingness. I’m pretty sure they have cousins: the Laughing Spit Lemurs of Mindless Internet Use, for example. Whether it’s them or the shiny, they are legion.

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