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The Diaries of King Arthur: Part 2

24 Mar

This is part 2 in a series. If you missed out, start here.

INTRO: I’ve been wanting to write a comedic screenplay about King Arthur having a breakdown for a couple years now. I’ve started the Diaries as way of finding that story and the screenplay’s comedic voice.

WARNING: The following may be EXPLICIT at times. Also, I know nothing about King Arthur.

***The Diaries – Cont’d

7 of March, YooL, 605 AD


Because of the entry of yester-yesterday my wife granted me access to our bed…for a peck on the cheek. She quoth this: That while Tristan’s joke was not appropriate, I was in the right direction mostly headed. She told me should I speak of my men and my day that she would reswear her fealty to me, and I would be able to sail the seas of her womanhood faster than a ship of Saxony.

Lord, I have never known such balls of pitch. Continue reading


The Diaries of King Arthur – A Comedy

21 Mar

I’ve been wanting to write a comedic screenplay about King Arthur having a breakdown for a couple years now. I’ve had many small ideas, but I need a story. I’ve started the Diaries as way of finding that story and the screenplay’s comedic voice.

WARNING: The following may be EXPLICIT at times. Also, I know nothing about King Arthur. Right now, that’s the way I like it.

Without further ado, venture forth braeve readyr…

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Update from the Wilds of Oregon

20 Mar

To all of of my readers:

I hope you both are well.

I haven’t been meaning to neglect you. You’ve been on my mind constantly (in fact, could you shift to the right? My amygdala has fallen asleep.)

It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve been terribly busy with three creative projects that I had deadlines for at the beginning of this week. And now I’m in Oregon and working on a ghostwriting project which is taking all of my time. I know, I know, we talked about my relationship with work, but as addictions go it’s better than meth. Right?

Portland is lovely. You’d love it here.  The city is built on beer and trees. And it loves happy hour like a cup loves soup. If you haven’t been, I recommend Binks, Jake’s, and Bluehour for drinks and food.

I’ll be back in my normal haunts next week. Let’s hang out then, okay? I’ll make you corndogs filled with hope.  Until then, know I miss you and think of you often. Wearing those socks you love.



Me vs The Flying Poo Monkeys of Distraction

10 Mar

I’ve got three big story development goals for next Monday. Last Friday, I accomplished one of my intermediary goals: to produce a draft of a 10-minute one-person show. It’s rough and it’s clunky, but seeing as I usually won’t let people see my stuff until its perfect (i.e. never) hitting send with the attachment was a big enough step in its own right. And, heckfire, it was readable, which was the goal: to cut through all the stalling and other mental crap and knock something out I could get into someone’s hands other than my own, and clearly enough written that they could give me feedback.

Me: 1
The flying poo monkeys of distraction: 0

The past two days have not been so productive. I have been working on two freelance projects and have done nothing else. Well, I managed writing practice each day. And I’m glad I at least got to that because it’s kept me (mostly) sane. However, for dos dias running, I’ve gotten no story development work done. With a (self-imposed) 15 March looming like a manic weaver, hulking like an incredibly green and muscled man, and bearing down on me like a grizzly, I’m feeling a wee bit antsy. Or at least, I feel antsy when I’m not busy trying to kick my own ass for failing to stay on track.

Me: 1
Flying poo monkeys of distraction: 2

It’s easy to fall of the wagon at this point. Or to reduce my goals and tell myself I was being unreasonable. The best way I’ve found to move on is to just move on. Fortunately, if my ADDish tendencies allow me anything, they allow me this. In a couple second I’ll be all “Ooh shiny!” and forget about my right foot’s attempt to kick my shapely rear end. Which is good, because otherwise I might strain something. All this sitting in a chair is cramping my quadriceps. Oh, yes, I am feeling —

Ooh, shiny!

Five Reminders That Help Keep Me Focused & Stare Down Doubt

4 Mar

I work hard, but not always smart. My mind does not move in particularly linear ways and I’ve had to learn how to ask the right questions to keep working effectively, or even just to keep working. Combine this lateral thinking with a systemic way of learning and a pefectionist’s eye for detail and you get someone who can waste a lot of time on unrelated or nonessential parts of a project.

Having clear, concise goals goes along way to keeping me focused. But that’s not enough: in order to keep myself on task, I have to deal with those voices that question what I’m doing.  This is especially important if I my goal is an exploratory one, where I have a general direction but not a crystal clear picture of where I’m headed.

A lot of these demons have come up recently, and I was forced to address them. I did this by creating a list of reminders for myself. They are answers and rebuttals to the most common arguments those neurotic little critters in my head throw at me to knock me off track.

The following five reminders give me a weapon with which to fight back, whether I need a swatter to knock out the flies of doubt, or a canon to blast the flying bullshit monkeys out of the sky. Continue reading

ACHTUNG! WARNING! Blog Under Construction

2 Mar

All fans and followers: I’m going to be lessening the number of posts per week for a while. I hope both of you aren’t too distraught. Never fear: word Games is still alive and well and I’ll be posting at least 2x a week.

I just need to reorient and (re)design the blog, and make sure it’s serving the purpose I intend for it: to be calling card and way to get to know me and my writing online.

Raw and Unprocessed Writing Practice (100% Organic)

2 Mar

Every day I do an hour of writing practice. The core of this practice is what I call freewriting, similar to stream of conscious, but often directed by a basic prompt, such as “I remember” or “I know.” Also, when I come across a memory, I tend to surf the wave of it, letting it carry me forward, but following it from beginning to end. For me, stream of conscious tends to be much more associative and fractured.

Done right, it’s an act of meditation and a great way of generating material for my writing. It is not, in itself, good writing. Writing practice is about uncapping the part of your brain that creates and letting it bubble out like frothing champagne. Thinking about it being good writing just gets in the way, and keeps me from developing trust in my voice.

I’ve decided to post the results of the first round of today’s freewriting here. It’s a 10-minute segment that’s raw, unedited and typo-ridden. The only tweaks I’ve made is where I mistyped a word that would be illegible without a gentle nudge by me. Here it is: a little sloppy slice of my writing practice. Continue reading