Excerpts from Daily Practice: Week of 15 Feb 2010

19 Feb

As mentioned previously, I write in timed chunks every day. Most of this material is raw, so I won’t post it here; it wouldn’t make for very compelling reading.  That said, part of the purpose of this blog is to get my writing in front of people. My plan: to take certain passages, revise them briefly for coherency, and post them here.

Here are the lines for this week:


I am sitting at the dining room table. My wrists ache because the table top is too high.  One foot is on the ground, the other curled like a cat in the crook of the table leg.


Me am dog. Me spit out heat all day, grinningly.  At night, me am quiet. So quiet. You cannot hear me. Me am dog ninja! Except when moon shines fully. Then me cannot resist.  You get wrong about that. We am not howling at moon. We just like the acoustics full moon provides. Our voices carry farther in moonlight, and the songs are sweeter. Me will sing down moon. Someday.


Cold rage envelopes her. Nobody else notices, but she feels it like a cyclone locked tight in her heart.  Can’t let them see me crack, she thinks. She shifts but her whole body is tensed, electric;  it takes everything she’s got to contain herself. She tries to let a little bit of it go. To just note it, like the Buddhists do. But the feeling won’t budge.   With a thin sigh she chooses to leave her body. Lord knows, if I have one talent, it’s that. She lets go, and it’s as easy falling; she become mindless, slack, and despondent. Doubt they’ll notice. When she comes back a few minutes later, some of the feeling has evaporated; the hungry edge of it has eased, and she is ready to speak.


One Response to “Excerpts from Daily Practice: Week of 15 Feb 2010”

  1. SW March 3, 2010 at 00:02 #

    This last piece is my favorite. I want to read what comes next. After it – be that the next in this specific frame or the next you have to offer…

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