Writing: An Ebullient Apologia

16 Feb

God, i love writing,

That’s how I feel right now, and I’m sticking to it. As far I’m concerned, writing can heal lepers, bring about world peace, and make the perfect milkshake. It’s just. that. good.

Why the happy happy? Well, that’s complicated. And very simple. The reasons are as  follows:

  • I had a good writing session this morning: If pressed, I’d give it a 9 out of 10. I found my way to that elusive zone where the words come fast and easy. I wrote for only 10 minutes today, but produced approximately 600 words. (Okay, okay, I counted: 614. It’s one of the criteria I keep track of in an effort to improve my writing practice.) And when I went back to highlight the passages I found compelling, I highlighted about half the damn thing.

  • I’m meeting my goals ahead of time: I had some specific targets for the month of February (which I’ll post about later.) I’m a firm believer in Parkinson’s Law, that the perceived complexity of a task expands to fill the time you allot it. (A corollary: the bigger the desk, the more stuff you’ll find to pile on top of it.)  So, instead of the neat, 28-day month, I decided to only give myself 2 weeks. Sure enough, I completed all those goals as of yesterday, despite getting a late start and the plague slowing me down.

  • I’m beginning to find my voice: I’ve long felt my writing hasn’t reflected me. For a while, I found this puzzling. I am a pretty cheerful, energetic, optimistic guy, and a dab hand when it comes to making people laugh. But for a long time, my writing has been, well, the opposite of that: moody, melancholy, and serious. And about as funny as bag of wet bricks. But it made sense: as much as my writing didn’t fully reflect me, what I was choosing to share of my personality was only part of me as well. Writing filled in the gap, giving me what I missing in the rest of my life. But now, largely because of numbers 1 & 2, my writing is beginning to become integrated. It is a heady and wondrous thing to find yourself on the page.

So that’s why I’m feeling good. Thought I’d share the excitement. And note it here for my own sake. That way, the next time I’m crying tears into beers about how hard writing is I can come back here, read about the good times, and put down the razor blades. And start writing again.


One Response to “Writing: An Ebullient Apologia”

  1. goddessofmercy February 17, 2010 at 02:57 #

    glad to see your practice moving to a new level, and to see you acknowledging the growth. i am looking forward to reading the results of this new integration.

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