THE WAY WE WRITE: The Purpose of this Blog

8 Feb

One of my early writing teachers said ritual was important. Try to write at the same time of the day. Start in the same manner, whether smoking 2 cigarettes or writing a letter you’ll never send to a loved one. Set the mood, grow the habit. Maugham allegedly said: ‘I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”

I’m fascinated by the way we write. It’s been said before and I believe it: The best thing is to just write. But what does it mean to “just write”? And how can we optimize the writing experience? Under what circumstances do we create our best work? How do we get out of our way and invite the words in?

I want to see what works best for me as a writer. The purpose of this blog is to chart my daily practice and optimize my approach to writing. I’ll experiment and play with different practical criteria—time, place, location, length, speed, body posture, mental state, etc.—and post my findings here, along with the writing that results.

If you’d care to, send me a line at let me know what works for you. Hope you enjoy.



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